About Us

About us

Waag operates at the intersection of science, technology and the arts. Our work focuses on emergent technologies as instruments of social change, and is guided by the values of fairness, openness and inclusivity. Waag’s dedicated team of sixty thinkers and makers empowers people to become active citizens through technology. Check out the full public research agenda here.

'Making technology & society more open, fair and inclusive.'

Waag is a middle-ground organisation composed of research groups that work with both grassroots initiatives and institutional partners across Europe. The collective has a shared attitude of public concern and civic activism, which is manifested in our public research agenda. Working with emergent technologies, Waag conducts research in both imaginative and practical terms, addressing its fellow citizens from a position of equality and collaboration.

Public Research

Public Research consists of the following groups:

  • Make has a DIY attitude, researching societal and ecological questions through hardware, production processes and materials.
  • Code works to raise awareness of the consequences of new technology and develops concrete alternatives to make citizens more resilient and agile.
  • Learn focuses on contemporary education and heritage and explores experiential disciplines to help people meaningfully participate in society.
  • Care uses co-creation to work with users, designers, artists and developers to research and develop innovative concepts for the healthcare sector.


Waag is a Dutch foundation, that is managed according to the Dutch Supervisory Board model. The managing director is founder Marleen Stikker. The Supervisory Board consists of the following persons:

  • Liesbet van Zoonen - Chair
  • Hans Rob de Reus - Treasurer
  • Geleyn Meijer - Member
  • Pauline Westendorp - Member
  • Haydee Sheombar - Member

The activities of Waag are supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK).